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Cool Signs
The advanced CoolSign software automatically distributes content and dynamically renders high-quality images, data, and video. It will fit any display size, shape, resolution, and type. It also has an intuitive, simple interface which helps users manage thousands of items on the network, including content, data sources, controllers, and displays.

Magenta Technologies
Mondo Matrix - Magenta Research's Mondo MatrixT is a pioneering, full-matrix scalable Cat5 switch platform that distributes and switches video, audio, and serial signals over a source to destination distance of one to fifteen hundred feet (457 meters) or more when using a Morph-ItT equipped with Dual EQ cards. The Mondo Matrix handles RGBHV, Component, HDTV, S-Video, and Composite video at a maximum resolution of 2048x1536, with SPDIF digital audio, stereo or left/right mono audio, and/or simplex serial, depending on the accompanying MultiView transmitters and receivers.

Magenta Infinea - Magenta Research's InfineaT is the ultimate solution for transporting DVI (Digital Visual Interface) signals over copper and/or fiber. Infinea extends the reach of DVI sources in two different ways. First, one strand of fiber provides DVI long haul distances of 10 km (6.2 miles) or more. Second, a single Cat6 cable provides DVI transportation for short to medium distances (183 meters/600 ft.).

Magenta Morph-It - Morph-ItT is a 4U, rack-based Cat5 signal distribution platform that is effective in applications with many sources, or at the front end of a MultiView or Mondo Matrix Cat5 switcher. One accessory, the Dual EQ Card, extends the effective distance capability of the MultiView Series receivers by 500 ft. (152 meters), potentially saving money by allowing shorter-distance MultiView receivers to be utilized. For example, a MultiView AK1000 receiver combined with a Morph-It Dual EQ Card enables 1500-ft. computer video extension.

Media Matrix
Originally conceived as one product, the Mainframe, MediaMatrix now encompasses over 16 products in all. In its simplest form, MediaMatrix exists as a small rack-mountable processor. In more involved applications, it may serve as a large enterprise system using Ethernet networks for the routing and distribution of audio, using futuristic CobraNetT technology.

Casinos are some of the most complex and technology intensive facilities in the world, and they are "on" 24/7. With Crestron, you can streamline and automate all the systems in your facility and take control of the technology from one, simple touchpanel; or remotely monitor and control all systems from your LAN. Lighting, HVAC, security, AV automation, and control are at your fingertips from anywhere you need to be.

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